SAD Skin

With the dark nights and blustery weather, it’s not just my mood that’s affected. My skin is suffering from SAD too!

Not only do I get acne, oh no, lucky me I get dry itchy skin too. Especially when it’s windy and cold. 

So as much as I want to slap on the spot fighting creams and dry the hell out of my breakout, I can’t without severe discomfort.

Here are my winter heros for oily/acne prone skin that’s a bit under the weather at the moment.

  1. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (£32 on the Clarins website but cheaper on John Lewis and House of Fraser for Black Friday – approx £29. I got my mini sample for free from the lovely lady at Clarins Boots Leeds Trinity)
  2. Avène Cleanance Lotion (I got this one when they changed the name for £3 in the boots clearance rack. I believe that the Avène Cleanance MAT Mattifying Elmusion is the same thing and this is £11.50 at Boots)
  3. Bepanthen (about £3 from you local chemist)

I cannot live without the Clarins oil, I’ve read a lot of reviews and articles about it and it’s definitely worth they hype. I wear it alone at night over my spot cream/serum and in a morning for protection against this nasty weather I mix in a little with my Avène moisturiser.

The Avène moisturiser is the only one I’ve found that my skin can tolerate. I often feel like the cream just sits on my skin and makes me feel more greasy. 

The Bepanthen is a new find of mine from some research on the Internet on what’s the best thing to soothe dry lips. It does feel a bit weird at first putting bum cream on your lips but it’s actually really good! And just make your lips look soft and glossy. Maybe one to apply when you are alone though..

Happy moisturising 



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