La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo – Days 3 & 4

So I’ve had a few teething problems with this product over the last few days. On Saturday I woke up and my skin was quite red and dry from the use of this product. 

My skin looked quite inflamed but… I think I popped it on a couple of times on Friday as I could feel spots brewing so perhaps it’s my fault!

Today my skin was quite congested, hence my last post, and needed a bit of tlc (damn hormones). The results below are perhaps more down to the Lush Catastrophic Cosmetic face mask but I have continues to use La Roche morning and night. 

Day 3 – Day 4 (right cheek)  

Day 3 – Day 4 (left cheek)

Perhaps this is the culprit for my bad skin however…..

Or this….

Best get on the water and stop squeezing this week!

Happy cleansing



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