The Big Guns Are Out! 

My skin has been so terrible over the last few days and I’ve been self-extracting (eek!) which is always a bad idea.

Self-extracting is just my fancy way of saying picking/squeezing etc but it does sound a bit less dire.

I know it can scar and I know it’s bad for my skin but sometimes I just can’t stop myself.. The last couple of days have been a bit of a skin write off and not even my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo has been helping. Therefore, I’ve had to get the big guns out!


  1. Acne-Free Sensitive Corrective Acne Cleanser (my dad gets this for me from Wallmart when he goes to the USA but you can get some on Amazon)
  2. Acne-Free Facial Brush (again from the USA but available on Amazon AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Brush
  3. Lush Catastophic Cosmetic Face Mask (£6.75)
  4. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (as per my other posts)

I started off using the Acne Free sensitive cleanser with the soft facial brush. This brush isn’t as astringent as some of the others and I just use it occasionally to really clean out my pores.

The Acne Free products are quite cheap from Walmart and drug stores in the USA (I live in the UK so I have to get my dad to buy them when he is over on business!) and they have some really potent stuff in them. It does work but be cautious, it does over dry and I wouldn’t recommend frequent use.

That said, if you are cautious it can really help on those days when you just want to put a bag over your head to leave the house. Even the sensitive cleanser is packed full of spot fighting ingredients. Just don’t use your favourite towels or bedding.. It does bleach! 

I absolutely love this face mask, I’ve been buying it when my skin is at its worst since about 2009 when me and my friends got a free Lush workshop to make the mask from a purchase of Clipper Tea! 

We got to see everything that went into making the mask and it was so fresh and all the ingredients were natural. My skin has literally never been as good as when I used the freshly made mask. 

I have noticed that the mask is definitely better in the first week of getting it and the best before date really does need to be stuck to.

Happy cleansing 





8 thoughts on “The Big Guns Are Out! 

  1. ms.cappuccino says:

    Oooh I know exactly how you feel when the big honkin ones make their debut 😫 Have you ever tried Boots’ No.7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue? It’s mild enough on your skin but strong for those nasty little buggers! It’s been a staple in my kit ever since I discovered Boots in Hong Kong a couple years back 🤓

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      • ms.cappuccino says:

        I absolutely have! Now, this gel goes on and dries clear; I put it on at night and in the morning under my makeup. For the most part, the gel doesn’t affect the application or look of my foundation or concealer — God knows that I can’t go without either of those product for those suckers — and since I’m consistent with applying the gel day and night, they dry up and disappear fairly quickly. I’d say though, if they are cysts (acne that feels like they’ve frickin’ taken root on your face), I’d consult a dermatologist for a stronger and more effective solution. If it’s for acne of the garden variety, it definitely worked for my sensitive, redness-prone skin 😁

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      • ms.cappuccino says:

        Oh no worries there! I almost forgot one more thing: I noticed that when the pimples are drying out, with the No.7, only the pimple ITSELF dries out, and not the (larger) surrounding area. I’ve noticed that with some acne treatments (think Oxy 10 or something LOL), they tend to dry out a much LARGER area than just the pimple itself.

        So yes, expect some flaking when the pimples are healing, but at least…it’s a more localized area 🤓🤓🤓

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