New For November! 

I think I’m a bit late to the game (well very late to the game), but I’ve just discovered acid toning and spritz toning! 

I love Caroline Hirons’ blog and after doing some research I’ve made my first foray into the toning world (or should I say liquid exfoliating world).

My beauty budget is pretty low especially with it being Christmas soon so my research was around the £5-£10 product ranges.

Caroline Hirons recommended some Clearasil Superfruit Toning Pads for the acid tone but I can’t seem to find these in the uk! With the main ingredient being salicylic acid, I chose another Clearasil pad – the Rapid Action Pad.

These cost about £3.50 and I’m really impressed! They were a little scratchy but my skin does look a little better since using them for the last few days. I think they would be a little harsh for am and pm everyday but I do really like them! 

I finished up with the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spritz Toner (£8.50 at Boots) which calmed my skin after exfoliating it with the Clearasil pads. 

I realllyyyyyyy like this product! It was soothing but acne fighting (my favourite combination). 

I think I’m a bit addicted to toners now and can’t stop looking at other ones. Got my eye on Pixi Glow Tonic, Boots Vitamin E Spritz and Clinique Moisture Surge Spritz…. Please Santa!

Happy toning!



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