Milk – Acne Friend or Foe? 

I am a big fan of dairy products and I’ve always loved a big glass of milk, or a yoghurt, or some cheese.. You get my drift, I’m a massive diary eater.

I have been doing some research and speaking to some others with similar skin concerns (not professionals, just other likeminded people) and for some it seems that there is a connection between acne and dairy. 

Amodelrecommends ( posted about this potential link a while ago and her post is definitely worth a read.

There is also some scientific research suggesting a link between dairy and acne in that if you have an intolerance to it, it can cause inflammation, I’ve also heard that milk can be difficult for humans to digest and that it contains hormones (I am NOT a scientist but this is my interpretation of the research I’ve read online).

There are quite a few articles online of people finding some relief from their acne when they stopped drinking milk –

Like the lady above, I have a bit of a latte obsession.. 

So, I think it’s worth try giving up dairy for a week or so to see if there’s any sign of improvement. I know a week isn’t long but if there’s any signs of improvements I’ll extend how long I  give it up for and I can begin testing if a large dose of milk causes me to breakout. 

I have also identified a couple of other things in my diet that I need to limit or try giving up after milk which could be feeding my acne.. Sugar and Diet Coke (I LOVE Diet Coke so this will be hard!).

Has anyone else found any relief from giving up dairy? 



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