Project Empties – Waste Not Want Not

I literally never finish anything, not a meal, not a drink and definitely not a product!

I seem to have a pathological dislike for completing or ending or finishing anything! Yet when I don’t finish dinner I’ll happily have pudding.

It’s much the same when it comes to beauty products, I’m always moving onto the next new thing before giving my existing products a fair chance! 

For the products I really like, when they near the end I stop using them. I always think hmm maybe I should save a bit, just in case… 

I’ve recently been reading about #missionempties on Instagram and Hidden Harmony World ( and it seems like a really good idea. 

I plan on not buying and more products and trying to revive some old favourites, use that last drop in the bottle and cut open some tubes over the next 15 days (well I can’t be expected not to purchase new products in the January sales!).

Anyone want to join me? 



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