Footner – Not for the Faint Hearted

I’ve heard a lot about footner and decided my tootsies needed a bit of tlc this winter (I’m generally just hiding my unpainted toes in my UGGs).

What’s in the box:

Two plastic socks that you cut the tops off and slip your feet in. Careful, don’t tip them or the footner gel stuff dribbles out. 

Beware, this is a photo diary so if you don’t like feet or gross peely skin don’t read on.

Day 1 

60 minutes with little plastic socks on sounds pretty easy! They are quite hard to walk about in and it stunk like nail varnish remover but still pretty easy to do.

Days 2-3

My feet felt really tight and dry and wrinkly! But I was worried it wasn’t working as no peeling was happening!

Day 4

Did a little google, apparently soaking your feet assists the peeling! Lo and behold – peeling began! Well a little bit! 

Day 5

Well the peeling has really begun now.. And it’s actually disgusting!!! I am just leaving my socks on and trying not to look!

Day 6


This is actually vile. I have zombie toes.

Day 7 

Omg! I lost my entire heel of skin! It just flapped around in my sock until I got back from shopping and saw the damage. Words cannot describe how disturbing this is, perhaps this picture will explain it better!

Days 8-9

How do my feet have any skin left?! Even the tops of my feet are shedding skin! It did slow down though and by the end of day 9/10 I’d say the peeling had pretty much stopped!

My feet do feel very smooth! There’s still a bit of hard skin on one of my heels but it’s a lot better than before! 

I would recommend it (subject to the health warnings/recommendations on the packet) but it’s not for the faint hearted! 

Happy peeling



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