Budget Beauty Finds – £5 and under 

I love to shop beauty and skincare but I don’t have the biggest beauty budget in the world so I do a wholeeeee lot of research on dupes and bargains 
These are my favourite budget finds, each retailing at less than £5


Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum – £2.69

This contains, amongst other things, hylauronic acid which is my favourite moisturising ingredient. I have acne and it really helps soothe it I find.

Aldi Lacura Soy Serum – £3.49

This stuff smells divine and the packaging and the texture feel really expensive. There are also only 4 and 5 star reviews of this on the aldi website.


Neutrogena oil free moisturiser – currently £2.79 at Boots (think I might have to stick up!)

This is perfect for my oily skin as it contains a little bit of #salicylicacid but it is also quite moisturising. It seems to keep the shine at bay as well which is always a plus in my boo. 

Spot Treatments 

Superdrug Clearly Youthful Overnight Serum – £4.89 

This contains salicylic acid (my favourite acid) and lactic acid. Looking at the ingredients there is more lactic acid than salicylic though.

Boots Witch Hazel Gel – £1.99

An amazing staple product which doesn’t irritate me but makes me feel ‘clean’. I don’t think this kills spots quickly but it keeps them at bay and gently too. 

Eye Cream

Waitrose Pure Eye Gel – £2.99

This has a minty fragrance to me (even though it is fragrance free?!?) which sort of makes my eyes sting and it’s a bit watery so it falls off your finger if you aren’t careful but that being said it is quite good and refreshing in a morning. I keep it in my fridge for an extra punch.

Lip Balm

Bepanthen Nappy Cream – £3ish

This acts like homeoplasmine or the elizabeth arden eight hour cream. Really great barrier cream.


Aldi Lacura Facial Oil for dry skin – £3.99

This contains macadamia nut oil and Argan oil. Good consistency and packaging. Unfortunately this is currently a special but I believe so it only comes into store every now and then, keep your eyes peeled!

Anyone have any bargainbeauty recommendations?


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