Birchbox February 2016

I love it when my Birchbox arrived, it’s like a present to myself! 

This months’ box one was of the best for a while (I was a tiny bit disappointed with January’s….)
1. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum – this smells fantastic! Like oranges and citrus fruits. I’ve only used it once but my skin does feel lovely! 
2. Spectrum Blusher Brush – love this. Full stop. Buy one now.
3. LOC Eyeshadow Pen – this is from Birchbox’s first in house product range. The colour is vivid and I think it will be good for a last minute change up from day to night makeup.
4. Frat Boy Blusher – I got the bronzer from this set a while back and I wasn’t impressed.. Let’s see how the blush fares..
5. Derm Eyes Makeup Wipe – given beauty guru Caroline Hirons abhorrence for the face wipe I’m hesitant but I’m going to pop it in my gym bag for emergencies. 
6. Cochine Hand and Body Lotion – said to smell like hyacinth but I’m not sure. Great sample size though!
Thanks Birchbox, in excited for next month already.
Happy Cleansing



Birchbox December 2015

My Birchbox arrived!!!!! Made my day, think I have a bit of a mini product obsession, they are just too cute!

I’m a massive fan of Birchbox, not only do you get good quality, good sized products but you also get Birchbox points for every box and review which you can spend in the store. I have done so on two occasions and my products arrived within 2 days! Love it. The customer service is great too.

The December box is actually a bag, a clutch for Christmas with 6 products (1 full sized).

1. Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Mask – RRP £79(!) for 10 sachets. This is said to star:

a matrix of hydrophilic and hydrophobic (water-loving and –loathing) silica particles, which are deposited on skin during the 7-minute treatment.

I once had a boyfriend that did a masters on these particles, so this product is off to a bad start for me! But people seem to be raving about it. The price is just a bit prohibitive for me, so I’ll probably end up saving it for a special occasion and never using it!

2. Model Co Ultra Long Lasting Lipstick in Kitty – £15.50 

3. Ciate Paint Pot – £9 (for full size). I had the mini mani manor advent last year and I was a bit disappointed with the lighter coloured Ciate polishes as they were really streaky… 

4. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – £80 (for full size) I do love Elemis! So I’m hoping its claim to boost skin radiance in 15 days will be true!

5. Skin & Co Sicilian Body Gel – £15 (for full size) smells amazing! 

6. Benefit Puff Off! And They’re Real Push Up Duo – I love the eyeliner for its ultra long lasting line but it is a bit fiddly to get used to. And with all my hours in the office lately I think I’m going to need Puff Off!

So basically, I LOVE BIRCHBOX! 

Happy cleansing