Skincare Sample Hunting!

Every now and then I go on a bit of a sample rampage on the Internet.

I love free samples, such a great way to try now products before committing to buying the full size and also great for adding to your sample collection! 

I’m also trying to spent less on cosmetics for the next month with it being the season of giving! Project empties will continue.. Unless I can get my hands on some freebies!

A few of my finds are:-

  1. Free sample of Estée Lauder foundation –   
  2. Apply to join the Charles Worthington testing panel. If successful you get to test free hair care products –
  3. Avène Free Samples – sign up for a skin diagnosis and tick the box saying yes to free samples and you will get some freebies within a few days!     

I also just received an email giving me 30% off Avène products after completing my skin diagnosis! Bargain! 

I love freebies! Anyone heard of any other good ones? 

Happy freebie hunting 



Empties (and a re-purchase!)

I rarely use all of a product, I get bored with them if I don’t think they are working.. Therefore, for me to finish a product must mean it’s really good! 

My empties this month are:-

  1. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (£32–oily-combination-skin-/C010401003.html)
  2. Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle (£14 for 236ml

I swear by Clarins Lotus Oil to regulate my oil production it’s also a great alternative to a night cream. I can’t bear slathering my face in cream, it just makes me break out.

The Beauty Protector is one of the only set angling products that I rate. It’s subtly brilliant and I didn’t event realise that I was reaching for it after every shower until it ran out. I have really long thick hair and it really made my hair more manageable.



Happy cleansing